Other than Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen will launch a new game!

Dong Nguyen

Just yesterday we told you about the game that has probably led to the destruction of multiple mobile devices. How many times have you had the desire to hurl your smartphone after yet another fall bird Flappy? The game almost impossible had become a real addiction for many users and mainly why the developer decided to withdraw it from the store. A true mourning for many players who have had to learn to live without the trick and to settle by the many clones arrived on the App Store and Play Store, a real rain of titles in full Flappy Bird style!

Dong Nguyen, after carefully tweaked the game to make it become less compelling, will bring on line the bird accurately the return should take place in August. The Vietnamese, however, does not want to focus our attention exclusively on Flappy, but especially about his new game. There is not much information about the future title signed Dong Nguyen, but we have only a screenshot showing the characters, always in retro style, as they run on a platform.


The developer has left an interview with CNBC in which he precisely said the arrival of a new game. Via a tweet, also Nguyen confirmed to be working on a new title that will make people forget about Flappy Bird! There are more details about the mysterious successor bird, but from the screenshot we can see that the title could be a game jumper.

And you, what do you think? Favorites regain the old Flappy or wait for the arrival of the new game?


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