Login logo, customize the default logo of the WordPress login screen

All who use WordPress as a resource by which to manage their own online space will certainly have in mind the classic logon screen of the dashboard characterized, precisely, by the presence of the CMS logo.

However, most likely, not everyone knows that the logo can be customized by replacing it with an image you like and why not, with that distinctive of its web site.

As? Well, very simple … using Login Logo!

It is indeed a special free plugin for WordPress that, when activated, allows you to perform exactly as previously mentioned, all without requiring any kind of configuration or special settings, which makes it particularly convenient for those who wish to customize the I notice CMS but, at the same time, they have no intention of spending valuable time to dip into various types of settings.

In fact, to take advantage of the functionality offered by Logo Login all that will be necessary to do will be nothing but create a customized logo (must be a PNG file with transparent background), call-logo.png login and upload it directly to the / wp-content.


The plugin at this point, will come into action automatically going to replace the default logo with that custom, returning, as final result, something similar to what is proposed in the example image.

Note that the files to be used in place of the default logo it will be automatically resized by the web browser but still, in order to get a perfect result you should use an image from the width less than or equal to 326 pixels.

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