Amazon wants to compete directly with supermarkets

Amazon intends to further broaden his horizons and the clearest demonstration of this is the fact that soon could compete directly also to supermarkets.

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In fact, according to what is disclosed precisely during the last hours by The Wall Street Journal on E-commerce giant it would be planning to launch her own line of foods such as milk, cereals, baby products and much more. This choice would allow Amazon to expand even more its business andandosi a position as a supplier for all kinds of needs.

In detail, Amazon is in talks with several important members of the food industry supplied to design its new line of products. You should take off does the actual most likely the project will be connected to the Amazon Fresh service that currently is however limited only to American cities of Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

But to achieve it, Amazon will have to rely on outside manufacturers for its products and will also have to deal with carefully check the quality of the same.

The launch of a personal line of perishable goods could therefore allow the giant e-commerce to enhance its reputation as a dealer at low cost simultaneously gain new customers. The business, however, is not without risk. The present state of things Amazon already has its own line of products, but the result, in terms of success, it was not always optimal. Last year, for example, Amazon launched its own line of diapers was then withdrawn after a few months as a result of complaints from customers.

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