Amazon opens its first physical library

Amazon has launched its online business as a retailer of books, this is known to all, or almost. Now, after 20 years of success in the world of electronic commerce, the giant led by Jeff Bezos will also start to sell the books to the “old way.”

Amazon Books Photo

In the city of Seattle giant of e-commerce has opened its first library called Amazon Books. Although this is not a physical store in every way a library in the old style.

The store will be stocked fact of the books at have received the best feedback or have been a great success among users from the point of view of the number of sales. Even those who will take care of the shop, however, will have a say, at least in part, on the choice of books to offer.

Besides selling books in the Amazon Books customers can then find on display and try all major devices like the Amazon Kindle and Fire tablet.

The real innovation that sets this store from all the classic libraries is that beneath each book users will find a card in which to discover the racing of the volume within

Note that the prices of the books in the store are the same as those online.

Amazon’s library will be open 7 days out of 7 and is located exactly in the university campus. Amazon stressed that it is a permanent store and not a temporary store which could also mean that in a not too distant future the e-commerce giant it could open new ones.

Via | The Verge

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