Amazon is interested to & # 8217; purchase of Netflix

Amazon is interested in purchasing Netflix
Good news for all charterers hardcore DVD and Blu-ray Disc: it seems that Amazon is negotiating the purchase of Netflix, the popular online service that allows you to rent movies online and / or watch streaming, obviously in a totally legal , at very low prices. The news caused a surge crazy stock quotes, which gained 7 points percentage, as you can see from Google Finance charts.

At the base of this business move there would be the need for Amazon to expand its video On Demand service, uniting him to the now famous Netflix, based on streaming. Currently, the two companies are competing with the Apple TV in the Cupertino company and Microsoft, even though Netflix has been designed to also work on XBOX360.

Together, however, Amazon and Netflix would form a winning combination, compensating for each other’s shortcomings: the large supply of old movies on Netflix may offset the lack of Amazon, known to be more inclined to promote newly released films, and vice versa. Usually, Netflix sends new DVD movies by email, but this feature in the future could be dropped in favor of streaming and download.

It seems that Amazon is aiming high in this period of crisis, probably encouraged by the success of the Kindle 2, the famous ultra-portable ebook reader, that Seattle company allowed a substantial price reduction. How about a possible merger Amazon-Netflix? We await your opinions in the comments.

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