Amazon AutoRip, is now also used in Italy

Amazon AutoRip, is now also used in Italy

In January of the current Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has announced the launch of Amazon AutoRip, a new and interesting functionality tied to Amazon’s Cloud Player service. Thanks to this feature all users who bought or will buy music CDs on the online store may obtain the MP3 version totally free.

Unfortunately this feature is not yet been made available for Italy. For some time now, however, Amazon AutoRip made its debut also in the Bel Paese.

The initiative should be stressed, however, a small difference compared to those from Bezos and his associates at first: Amazon AutoRip refers only to discs that were purchased from November 2010 onwards and not from 1998 to date.

What would you say if the company from which you purchased music albums from 2010 had acquired the rights to make yourself available the MP3 version of these CDs and vinyl records? And if this company you were to make the MP3 version, automatically and at no extra cost? Well, as of today, all this is available to our customers on their past purchases, present and future, at no additional cost. These opportunities excite us because they allow us to reserve our customers something special.

The AutoRip operation is in any case quite simple. Leafing through the catalog of music present on you can locate the album involved in the initiative, those marked with a small icon, and the time of all the tracks on the disc are instantly and automatically added to Cloud Player space on the right account. These tracks can be both heard is downloaded even before the album purchased is delivered to the buyer.

Note that all songs added via Amazon AutoRip not going to affect the overall number of items that can be added to Cloud Player.

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