Amazon announces Workmail, email and calendar as Microsoft

That Amazon is trying as much as possible to expand their business by now no doubt about it. To demonstrate this fact, there is the launch of a number of services made in the Amazon in which it was possible to watch in recent months and that adds up to just occurred to Workmail.

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The e-commerce giant has announced a new service called in the pipeline, in fact, Workmail namely a platform addressed to companies offering email and digital calendar and that goes to place themselves in direct competition with Microsoft and its Exchange but even Google with its Apps for Business and others including Dropbox, Evernote, Quip and

According to the currently announced Workmail offer shared mailboxes, shared calendars and address book to use company-wide. The cost of using the service will amount to EUR 4 per month, and users can connect to Microsoft Outlook or other clients.

Amazon will also provide the necessary technology to encrypt messages, and companies who use the service will be able to control the keys for decoding. Thereby reading and downloading messages will be faster and more secure at the same time. In this regard Adam Selipsky, Vice President Marketing of Amazon Web Services, said: “Customers are not satisfied with their email solutions and some perceive them as expensive and complicated.”

At the moment there are no further information is available except that the launch of the service should take place during the second quarter of this year.

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