Amazifier Lite, edit and retouch photos and images now becomes social!

Dabble in photo editing now constitutes one of the tasks on the agenda in which more and more users are encountering.

However, hand in hand with the art to edit and retouch photos and images, the spread of social networks and the various web services used to sharing in every sense, as has been reiterated time and time again here at Macworld, is It has been increasing tremendously in the last period.

At this point, certainly, all you geeks passionate readers who, for one reason or another, you came across this post you may be questioning about the link between the two previous statements.

Here, the answer is: Amazifier Lite.

Yes, exactly, Amazifier Lite, which is a fantastic freeware software for use only on Windows OS that has as its focal point the ability to retouch and edit photos and images very easily and within the reach of less experienced, not just importing from your PC but also from the web, Facebook, Picasa and Flickr and, later, of making or instant uploads to just mentioned services.

Amazifier Lite, in fact, through a highly intuitive user interface, so it is possible to see by taking a look at the illustration of example, therefore, allow you to make image searches on the web, pick up everything you need taking advantage of the resources mentioned above or Alternatively, take advantage of what is stored on your multimedia station and then procederne modification by the wide assortment of editing tools offered by applying further effects of all kinds, all by simply choosing the relevant category (stickers, text, frames etc. …).

Afterwards you can then re-load them online as described above, obviously after login to their services.

And if in addition to upload photos and online images we wanted to use them for specific projects and print them on paper? Never fear, Amazifier Lite lets you do that too by providing its users a wide range of printing options through which to transform photos and images in cards, calendars, cards and more.

In any case, before you proceed to download the application, you can clear his head about how it works and see it in action by taking a look at the video of the application as proposed on the YouTube channel reached by clicking here.

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