AlwaysMouseWheel, use the mouse wheel on any open window

Use the mouse wheel to scroll through the contents of open windows appears particularly handy in a variety of situations thus avoiding the user of having to serve the appropriate scroll bars and buttons through which to view everything of interest.

Too bad that the scroll can be used only and exclusively if the window concerned, is active then implying the inability to use it always and in any case immediately.

To remedy what has just been mentioned, however, you can take advantage AlwaysMouseWheel, a freeware software, portable nature (thus easily usable without having to perform any installation process!) And fully compatible with all Windows operating systems that allows, in fact, to use the wheel mouse over any window, even should it not be active.

AlwaysMouseWheel, once in use, will be placed directly in the system tray so as to be easily accessible without hindering the work of the user, and acting dall’apposito options menu you can set printer functions.

AlwaysMouseWheel, in fact, can be used by configuring it so that in the use of the scroll correspondence from being brought to the front window of interest, or even using exclusively the wheel but did not bring to the attention user’s window on which to act, as it is also possible to see from the available items by observing the screenshot.

Conjunction with these two methods of use AlwaysMouseWheel can also be configured, making sure to check the appropriate commands, in order to initialize the application concurrently the system boots, or even going to always disable and in any case the use of wheel.

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