Images for WhatsApp

Friends are often send the funny pictures on WhatsApp, would you like to answer using the “weapon” same but do not know how to do it? You want to customize WhatsApp installing new wallpapers for chat but do not know where procurarteli? Quiet, I can help you find images for WhatsApp. All that you need are five minutes of free time, maybe even less.

With the guidance of today I’m going to point you in fact those that in my humble opinion represent some of the best websites to download images to WhatsApp for free. Just add them to your favorites and you will have an endless collection of wallpaper, animated GIFs and funny photos to share at any time in the popular chat app for instant messaging.

How you say? You are a beginner with smartphones and not even know how to download pictures from the Internet? Not sure how to attach them to the WhatsApp messages? You do not know to change the background of the chat? Come on, do not make excuses! Those that I have just listed are operations of a disarming ease, you must not be experienced Android or iPhone to perform them. However do not worry, if you want I’ll also these aspects! Now, however, let us not lose more talk and we see – at last – how to download images to use and / or share on WhatsApp. Good fun!

Note: The Internet sites that I am about to suggest may be consulted by both mobile device that computer. Of course, if your goal is to find images for WhatsApp, I suggest you visit the following Web sites to smartphones so you can access the contents of your interest directly and quickly by the device on which you think you use him.


Images for WhatsApp

If you’re looking for images to WhatsApp to use as background for chat, take a look at Zedge, one of the best Web sites dedicated to the wallpaper, ring tones and everything you need to customize in an original cell. Linked to its home page directly from your smartphone, and presses on the voice Wallpapers to access the gallery with the backgrounds.

You will be shown the most popular wallpaper of the moment, however, you select the button with the three horizontal lines placed at the top left and expand All categories menu that appears at the bottom to display the list of all categories of wallpapers available on the site. You can choose between abstract wallpaper (abstract), video game backgrounds (games), landscapes (Nature / Landscape), images of the sport and much more.

Once you find a wallpaper you like, select its thumbnail and proceed to save it on your phone by pressing the download item on the page that opens. In some cases, you may need to hold your finger on an enlarged version of the background and select the item for saving the image from the menu that pops up.

If you find it more comfortable, you can also use Zedge through its official app for iOS and Android devices. Its operation is very similar to the mobile version of the site.

After downloading the images that you like the most, import them into WhatsApp by going in the menu of the application and before selecting the Settings item and then the IM settings, and Background Documents to the latter.


Images for WhatsApp

Another great site where you can download images for WhatsApp is MobilesWall, which houses a nutritissima selection of images optimized for use on smartphones. To browse through them all, presses the button with the three horizontal lines which is placed at the top right and select one of the available categories.

You can find abstract backgrounds, pictures of animals, artistic images and much more. Moreover, pressing on Most popular voice can now view the list of most downloaded wallpapers.

To save an image of MobilesWall on your mobile, presses before its thumbnail, then on Download now and complete the work by keeping your finger pressed on the wallpaper for a few moments and then selecting the item to place the attached image to save menu that appears.


Images for WhatsApp

Do you want the images to WhatsApp fun to share with your friends? If remarries is “you” know that there are several sites you can go. One of these is definitely 9GAG. If – strangely – none had ever heard know that it is a very popular website that can be considered as a real global benchmark in the field of humorous photos. Visit it from your mobile phone and presses the icon with three horizontal lines that you see in the upper left to browse the categories of images available on the site.

In the section you can find some funny animated GIF GIF, in the category Geeky you can find photos dedicated to the technological world, in Food are the funny pictures dedicated to food and so on.

When you find an image you like, hold your finger on it and select the voice for saving the image from the menu that opens to download it to your phone.

9GAG is also available as an app for iPhone and Android devices. The operation of the app is the same as that of the website, further explanation is therefore virtually superfluous. If you are asked to download while browsing the site, you can decline the invitation.


Images for WhatsApp

The solutions to retrieve images for WhatsApp I already suggested you have not been able to attract your attention in a particular way? No? Well, then I suggest you take a look also all’esilarante Cheezburger app, available for Android devices. It is an application that collects all the funny pictures posted on Internet sites like Memebase, Failblog and I Can Has Cheezburger which are among the most “listed” with regard memes and funny pictures related to animals and fail (ie embarrassing situations).

Once downloaded to your smartphone, you can browse all the topics and the sites included in the app by simply pressing the button with the three dots vertically and is located on the top left.

To download a picture on the phone, however, you have to do is to press on its thumbnail and then on the icon of this cloud in the bottom of the screen that opens. If I did not see this icon, hold your finger down for a few moments on the photo and answer in the affirmative the warning that appears.

other solutions

Images for WhatsApp

Another source of funny images and / or curious to “monitor” is without a shadow of a doubt Facebook. I’ve reported quite a lot ‘of interesting pages and fit for purpose in my guide on the links to Facebook and in my tutorial on sites with funny pictures.

Among these, of course, do not forget my official Facebook page on which I share not only my guides but also photos of curious gadgets, funny pictures, and beautiful landscapes from around the world (that you can also use as a background).

The popular social network Pinterest photo can be useful to search for new images for WhatsApp. Just connect to one of the many galleries theme (looking terms such as WhatsApp WhatsApp wallpapers or backgrounds) and you can find hundreds of images optimized for use in the most popular messaging app in the world. I recommend, by at least a glance.

Share images for WhatsApp

Images for WhatsApp

If you want to share with your friends one or more of the images for WhatsApp raised through the resources that I have shown you in this guide please follow the instructions below.

iPhone – Launch the app, start a conversation with the person you wish to share one or more images, and presses the button depicting the arrow that is located at the bottom left. Now, select the option Library Photo / Video from the menu that appears and choose the images to be shared from the iOS camera roll and then you tap Send. The first time you engage in this operation, the app may ask your permission to access the iOS photo: answer in the affirmative.
Android – Start application, start a conversation with the person you want to share one or more images, and presses the paperclip icon located at the top right, select the item from the menu that appears Gallery. Then choose the image you want to share with your friends from the camera roll of your smartphone and presses Send.
Use images as wallpapers for WhatsApp

How to customize WhatsApp

If you want to set as wallpaper for Whatsapp one of the images obtained by means of the resources that I showed you in the previous rows on your iPhone or on your Android smartphone’s how.

iPhone – Start application, presses on the entry Settings located at the bottom right and then you tap on Chat. Later, he presses on the item and select the voice chat Background Photos from the screen that opens. If you are prompted for permission to access the iOS Camera Roll photos, consent. Pe end, select the image you wish to set as wallpaper, and it confirms the selection.
Android – Start application, presses on the icon with the three dots located at the top right and select the Settings item from the screen that opens. At this point, went on Chat and Call, tap on the item and select the Background Documents option. Then select the app you wish to withdraw the image to set as background on WhatsApp using the left sidebar, select the file and adjust its placement using the grid that appears on the screen.

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